At-Home Thai-Cooking

At-Home Thai-Cooking

Cook as a Thai..

At-Home Thai Cooking

Thai-Food-My-Food "Cooking Thai food the Thai way in your own kitchen. Introducing recipes with tips and techniques, along with practicality and common sense in Thai cooking."

Tips and Techniques

If you can't cook as a Thai does you can, at least, try your best to be as close as you can with my guidance.

Recipe Offers

I am proud of my Thai heritage, and I will share with you true Thai recipes that are common knowledge among Thais, yet are somewhat mystifying to foreigners. My explanations will help clarify and help you understand the concepts behind Thai cuisine; and, therefore, they will enable you to create Thai dishes with much greater ease right in your own kitchen.

E-Recipes to Purchase

Although most of the information, tips-techniques and know-how that I provide are at no cost to you, there are some recipes of great excellence which require thorough understanding and are worth owning in your kitchen library. These come with my stories and experience and are equipped with many illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Each is carefully crafted and created for you at a minimum cost, in the hope of generating authentic and realistic Thai cooking in as many households as possible. Please look for the AHTC Recipe logo to see a menu list.


At-home Thai-cooking Beef curry with Jasmine rice --

I have always had a knack for cooking. Growing up in a modern Thai household that carries -in so manyways- the traditions of Thais, these have influenced and are reflected in my cooking. Everyone in my family says, "If it's good, keep it. If it's not practical, adjust it. But, by all means, do your best to preserve and maintain our traditions." The importance of this has become especially apparent since I relocated -once again- to the east coast of the United States.

Global connections and today's technology have enabled Thai cuisine to make its way rapidly across the world, and I feel pleased when my neighbors tell me- and most non-Thai people in my neighborhood have so informed me- that they, too, make Thai food at home. I wince, however, when they continue to tell me that they use prepared curry paste, padtai sauce, "peanut" sauce from a bottle, and gaitomkha or tomyum powder. As if that's not enough, I hits me again when I observe feature chefs on famous network and primetime television cooking show hosts creating Thai- or Thai-style- dishes by mixing coconut milk, ginger and lemongrass together. I shrink even more once Indian curry powder, chopped cilantro and basil leaves are added to the mix. This is labeled "Thai" curry, on nationwide television, according to chefs whose instructions are followed by almost an entire country's population.

At-home Thai-cooking with Pradichaya --

I am not here to compete. I hope, though, that in my getting up to share with you my Thai cooking experience that the Thai food knowledge base will be expanded, and some misunderstandings might be corrected. Should my small to the famous people who have the power to influence the public, I will be so exhilarated. Should they not, though, the fact that you are even interested in what I have to say is already self-rewarding. As my motto goes, "Even the smallest ripple moves the ocean, and it takes only one to make a difference." On this note, I continue to create a ripple.


Tips-Techniques and My Thai Stories

What makes a great recipe is the story behind it. All recipes offered here- either as your information source, or through intricate step-by-step instructions accompanied with many "real-life" illustrations- have been experimented, tested, prepared and served by me countless times. I feel-it and live-it as I write-it. I happen to be a person with great common sense and practicality, so while I preserve authencity, I adjust as I go. You will find that my approach is quite unusual from that of most recipes, but not to worry: my style is simple. You will get used to it, and I hope you will enjoy it enough to purchase my e-recipes and let others know how much you like them.

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